We are a group of professional diving connoisseurs of the best destinations for this activity in Colombia.

We have the experience that allows us to deliver immediate information, providing excellent service and organizing diving trips you’ve always dreamed of. Your safety and happiness are our commitment!

Our specialty is the scuba diving or apnea with large mammals and big fish: Humpback Whales, Dolphins, whale sharks, a variety of sharks and groupers, jacks, manta rays and countless species. We do not support the Shark feeding because we do not want under any circumstances alter the food chain.

Our star destination is Malpelo Island, a place named by the UNESCO as World Wildlife Sanctuary and internationally recognized by major diving magazines as the Mount Everest of diving with Sharks. And It is this place where you can enjoy the best dives of your life accompanied by the team of Malpelo Tours.


Ricardo León

General Director

Social Communicator - Journalist. and PADI Diving Instructor / Languages: Spanish, French, English & Portuguese

Reto Müller

Diving Guide & Videographer

PADI Diving Instructor & Experienced diving guide in Malpelo Island / Languages: German, Spanish & English

Roberto León Arce

Customer Service & Logistics Agent

Logistics Agent & Travel Consultant / Languages: Spanish, English & Portuguese

Maxim Iskander

Underwater Videographer & Photographer

TDI, PADI & AIDA Instructor. Rebreather / Languages: French, Italian, Arabic & English


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