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What certification do I need for being able to dive in Malpelo?
You need at least to be an Advanced diver or 2 stars CMAS. Is mandatory to show the certification as you do your booking or before getting on the boat.
How many certified dives do I need in order to be able to dive in Malpelo Island?
A minimum of 50 register dives with at least 35 dives in the ocean. The most important also is to feel comfortable and have some experience with currents.
Do I need a medical or diving insurance if I want to go and dive in Malpelo?
Yes, it is recommended to have a medical insurance before departing to Malpelo. In case you don’t have one we suggest always DAN because they offer really good prices and excellent service.
What kind of equipment is necessary for diving in Malpelo?
3mm, 5mm or 7mm wetsuit, BCD, regulator and octopus, mask and snorkel, fins, diving computer, diving knife, whistle, SMB, gloves (optional), GPS (this is optional but you could also rent it on the boat).
How many divers are on the expeditions?
Backpackers Live-aboard: maximum of 18 divers. Comfort Live-aboard: maximum of 16 divers. Deluxe Live-aboard: maximum of 16 divers.
¿Did you dive directly from the live aboard boat?
No, we do have Dinguis (Zodiac) for taking the divers from the boat to the specific dive site. Usually we take a maximum of 6 fun divers plus staff per dingui.
How many dives per day do we do in Malpelo?
We do three dives per day everyday but the last day we dive two times cause after that we will be leaving back to Buenaventura.
How are the seasons at Malpelo considering the water temperature?
Colombia is a tropical country without seasons. However, we consider winter in Malpelo between November and April. The water is about 22 to 25 degrees C with a minimum of 18C and maximum of 27C. Summer would be between May and October. The water temperature is always around 24C and 27C. Minimum of 23C and maximum of 28C.
What is the best time to see Hammerheads, Whale Sharks, Mantas, Monster Sharks, etc.?
There are tendencies, but it cannot be determined with complete accuracy regarding the wild life Normally during winter time (November up to April) is easier to see the big schools of hundreds of Hammerheads. Also you will have better chances to see the Monster Shark and the Batfish. There are also many eagle rays, whitetip sharks and hundreds of Groupers. On Summer time (May through October) we see Hammerheads in groups of five or ten at the time. Is easier to see the big schools of Silky Sharks, Galapagos Sharks and Whale Sharks on Scuba! Also you can see Manta Rays and is the Humpback Whale season.
It is possible to rent the equipment on the live aboard and how much it would be?
Yes, it is possible to rent the equipment but not on the live aboard. The best bet is to do it through us (Malpelo Tours) in Cali city the day before going to the port. The prices are between 10USD and 15USD per diving piece per day of diving.
What city should I arrive to start the expedition to Malpelo Island?
Cali in Colombia (CLO) is the city from where we start all the Malpelo experience.
When should I arrive to Cali and when is the best time to leave the city after the expedition?
The best to avoid problems missing the trip to Malpelo or the flight back home is to arrive one day before to Cali and to book your flight out from Cali one day after the expedition.
Is the transfer from the Cali airport (CLO) to the Hotel and back to the airport included?
Yes, it is included for all the plans that we offer
Are the two nights of accommodation in Cali included in the plans?
Yes, the two nights of hotel in Cali are included but just for the Backpacker and Comfort live aboard. They are not included on the Deluxe boat but we could help you to find the hotel that better suits you.
Is the transfer from Cali to Buenaventura (2.5 hours) and back to Cali included on the plan?
Yes, it is included for all the plans that we offer
It is all the food included on the live aboard ships?
Yes, all the meals, drinks and snacks are included. But alcoholic drinks are not included
What kind of food is serve on the live aboard?
Our menu is really diverse but always we keep the Colombian authenticity. We offer beef, pork, chicken or sea food that comes with rice and salads. Also we always offer natural juices and typical desserts. For the vegetarian or vegan divers we offer a varied menu with vegetables, rice, salads, tubers, pasta, beans, lentils, etc. You just need to let us know in advanced or when you are doing the booking
The tips for the staff are included?
No, the tips are not included and is up to every diver or group of tourist to give what they feel like it
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