Liveaboard Expeditions and Diving Adventures to the Malpelo Island.
This Sharky Island is the biggets Hammerhead reserve in the World.
We are sure that you will love this place as much as we do.

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The Mount Everest of diving with sharks

The UNESCO world Heritage Site of Malpelo Island, is the ultimate shark diving destination. Experienced divers enjoy its exclusivity -Colombia allows only one boat at a time in this “shark reservoir”. Five oceanic currents converge to draw mobs of Hammerheads, silkies, rays, billfish and tuna.

Three Musketeers, a collection of caverns and pinnacles, swirl with batfish, goatfish, grunts, grouper, eagle rays and jacks. Corals cloak the immense Cathedral tunnel, where huge shoals of sweepers and exotic fish create a mystic atmosphere. Virginia´s Altar, a sunlit terrace, supports a vast coral reef. Barracuda spiral around divers, drawn by surgeons, angels, moorish idols, and damsels.

Hammerheads, dolphins, mantas and free-swimming eels -notably the famous fine-spotted moray- can all be spotted here. The Fridge (La Nevera) is a truly world-famous shark site. The granite -walled bay is a cleaning station and is visited by scalloped hammerheads and black-tipped reef sharks.

Wrasses and rays cross paths below clouds of silky sharks. La Gringa, El Sahara and David all boast strong currents and draw myriad hammerheads – and a select few robust divers. Big -eyed jacks- mantas, silkies and Galapagos sharks can all be spotted at these sites. At a site called Scuba, divers can try to spot the notorious red-lipped batfish – the world´s ugliest fish. Mark Evans, Editor, Sport Diver

Malpelo Fauna and Flora Sanctuary

Located some 506 km off the coast of Colombia, the site includes Malpelo island (350 ha) and the surrounding marine environment (857,150 ha). This vast marine park, the largest no-fishing zone in the Eastern Tropical Pacific, provides a critical habitat for internationally threatened marine species, and is a major source of nutrients resulting in large aggregations of marine biodiversity.

It is in particular a ‘reservoir’ for sharks, giant grouper and billfish and is one of the few places in the world where sightings of the short-nosed ragged-toothed shark, a deepwater shark, have been confirmed.

Widely recognized as one of the top diving sites in the world, due to the presence of steep walls and caves of outstanding natural beauty, these deep waters support important populations of large predators and pelagic species (e.g. aggregations of over 200 hammerhead sharks and over 1,000 silky sharks, whale sharks and tuna have been recorded) in an undisturbed environment where they maintain natural behavioural patterns.

Colombia is Pacific!

Here you go! Now is the time for this South American country. After more than 30 years of violence and widespread insecurity Colombia is showing that it is a great nation, full of friendly and hospitable people with unique places where to fall in love and a great cultural and natural diversity that surprises locals and foreigners. The Colombian territory has three mountain ranges that cross the country from south to north and create countless climates. From plains and deserts with temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celsius, up to mountain peaks where the weather is always kept below zero. That explains the great cultural diversity seen every day in this Latin American territory. With regions that take us directly to Africa and its remote customs, up to cities at more than 3000 meters high where Indians and peasants have imposed their Andean customs. That´s why the country has fairs and events of cultural expression during the 365 days a year. Colombia is also the second most bio diverse country in the world and the first with more diversity of birds, which is why the number of eco-tourists has increased strongly and local economies have witnessed a positive change in their growth. This Pacific Colombia allow us to discover unexplored and magical places where it was previously impossible to reach. It is very important to emphasize the international recognition it has recently achieved this beautiful country for the scuba diving and free diving. Colombia has two oceans with incredible places to develop these activities. From beautiful corals, countless colorful fish and stunning reef sharks on the island of Providencia in the Caribbean up to incredible caves surrounded by hundreds of hammerhead sharks and giant whale sharks in Malpelo and Gorgona Islands in the Pacific Ocean. ! Colombia, the only risk is wanting to stay!

We diving

Thank you! By coming with us you are directly helping the
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  • An unforgettable experience in Colombia on my first diving liveaboard getting in arms reach of huge schools of Hammerheads Sharks, Galapagos Sharks, White Tip Reef Sharks, and Silky Sharks. Surrounded by an insane amount of free-swimming Moray Eels and so many varieties of fish, including Scorpionfish. This was an experience I´ll never forget!
    Alysse Nielsen
  • A great team guided us in Malpelo, kind, committed, and with safety as a priority. Malpelo is a destination that every diver must have in his logbook. Great sightings, an entertaining journey, nice food, and above all a great company from all of us who participate. You must go to Malpelo.👏👏👏🦈🤿
    Pablo Muñoz
  • The diving in Malpelo was amazing. We saw many schools of Hammerheads which was a beautiful experience and the main reason I came for. Besides the hammerheads, I was very impressed with the good dive sites in Malpelo, which contain a very nice and rich marine life.
    Serdal Tabak
  • I visited Malpelo in late September. Almost every time we dived, we were able to see the big school of several kinds of fish. The size of the school was so huge that I was fascinated so much by it and I got lost from my group.  I was able to enjoy diving there despite my lack of Spanish and seasickness all the time.
    Among Japanese divers, Malpelo is not so popular destination like Galapagos or Cocos, but I recommend it.
    Ricardo from Malpelo Tours is a very kind guy. he helped me a lot from the planning of this trip to the end, so don't worry.
    Mikio Iizuka "Raitaro"
  • I went to Malpelo in August 2019 aboard the comfort/seawolf for an amazing week of diving. Malpelo tours and Ricardo were very reactive during the booking process and I could join the adventure last minute. The boat is comfortable and the staff very friendly but the best happens definitely underwater.
    Sea conditions and marine encounters in Malpelo are unpredictable but for sure this place will amaze you. We were lucky to see several schools of hammerhead (sometimes up to 100) and Galapagos sharks, eagle rays, bait balls and even a pod of bottlenose dolphins. I did there my best dives ever there and fall in love with Malpelo.
    Fabian Renaud Gómez
  • I am a scuba instructor and have been diving in over 35 countries, so I am a bit spoiled. I just came back from Malpelo and thought it was fantastic. On the first morning, three minutes into the first dive, we were surrounded by a school of hammerhead sharks. That level of excitement continued on every dive for the entire six-day trip.
    Malpelo is more of a big rock than an island, and many of its steep cliffs continue down underwater. It is geologically very young, so there is not much coral growth, but what the coral that is there is very pretty – lots of nice yellows and oranges in the hard corals, and pastel blue gorgonians.
    The hammerhead sharks were most numerous, followed by chunky 3-meter-plus Galapagos sharks that were close enough to touch. We also saw huge white-tips, pelagic black-tips, and silky sharks. There are numerous cleaning stations where smaller fish (often wrasse and butterflyfish) will clean the skin and sometimes mouths of the big pelagic fish (sharks, jacks, trevally, oceanic triggers) that come in from the open ocean. If you watch the bigger fish closely while they are being cleaned, especially the surgeonfish, you may notice them changing color slowly, often drastically, from light silver to dark brown or another deep color. There was a lot of mating behavior also when I was there. Tight balls of wrasse were exploding out of the school in mating frenzies, and big-eyed jacks were pairing off, one silver, above, with the other turned dark-brown below it.
    I understand that different shark species are more abundant at various times of the year. I was there in August and the water was warm around 27 degrees. The visibility was around 15 meters at the beginning of the week and cleared up to almost 30 by the end, which made a big difference. There was a thermocline of murkier water that was around 22 to 24 degrees that fluctuated between 20 and 33 meters over the course of the week.
    Mike Zensley
  • Me gustó y recomiendo a Malpelo Tours por ser una empresa que se caracteriza por la seriedad, acompañamiento, comunicación rápida y logística de toda la excursión, lo cual da la tranquilidad para un viaje inolvidable de buceo!
    El barco de Comfort - Sea Wolf que manejó Malpelo Tours fue aseado, con las comodidades necesarias, muy buena comida, la tripulación muy agradable para estar 8 días en el mar!
    Carlos Mora
  • Me monté en este viaje de un día para otro y llegué al lugar mas increíble en el que he buceado. Gracias a Malpelo Tours por llevarnos a conocer este lugar tan especial.
    Carlos Ramírez
  • Diving in Malpelo was Excellent! Here some of my log dives:
    Silkies around the boat, lots of Hammerheads on most dives and quite a few Galapagos Sharks. Plus 4 or 5 Whale Sharks while diving.
    James Valentine
  • Malpelo is very unique and the trip was epic. The Seawolf and the crew were amazing. There was not one dive that was boring. The only thing that wasn’t good was the visibility (<20 Mts).
    We had: Two times Whale Sharks on Scuba, School of Hammerheads at least once a day, quite a few Galapagos Sharks, some eagle rays, quite a few Blacktip Reef Sharks, three Dolphins on one dive, Zebra Moray Eel, Wahu, Large schools of barracudas, ...
    Tobias Renz
  • Diving in Malpelo was the best underwater experience I ever had. Hundreds of Hammerheads, Eagle Rays almost every dive and huge Galapagos sharks were just a few of the highlights. Marine life at this remote island is so huge, one has to see it.  The organization by Ricardo Leon from Malpelo Tours was very good and communication easy and friendly. He responded fast to all of my questions and provided very good information. Would book again with Malpelo Tours.
    Janko Skorup
  • La atención y el servicio prestado por Malpelo Tours fueron excelentes, me sentí segura y acompañada. Espero volver a contactarlos. Mil Gracias
    Adriana Tello
  • El servicio recibido por parte de Malpelo Tours fue perfecto; recibí la información completa y adecuada; mis comunicaciones/peticiones fueron atendidas y solucionadas a tiempo y sentí confianza desde el principio. Espero volver a viajar con ustedes, confiando en que la presencia de las autoridades vuelvan a ser permanentes en la isla para proteger el parque. Muchas gracias!!!
    Marcela Tello
  • Malpelo sin duda uno de los mejores sitios de buceo en el mundo. Un lugar rudo y apasionante! Los servicios de Malpelo Tours excelentes, Ricardo Leon nos ayudo con todo el proceso desde el inicio y estuvimos acompañadas por él hasta el último momento, excelente atención y servicio al cliente, comprometidos y pendientes de ti hasta tu regreso! Ampliamente recomendados son muy profesionales y siempre cuidando que el cliente esté satisfecho! Prometieron los mejores buceos y cumplieron!!!  

    Sandra Contreras

  • My diving experience in Malpelo was unique, a real adventure. We almost felt like we had discovered the huge rock. The diversity of fish is impressive (eagle rays, hammerhead sharks, giant trevallies, whale sharks, and much more), but especially the size of schools of fish. It is certainly one of the best diving destinations in the world, as access to dives is limited, which contributes to the preservation of the site and its inhabitants. I am sure that one I can go to Malpelo and be amazed every time. For my part, I hope to have the chance to return one day.

    Tiana Ramaroson

  • I had the most amazing experience with Malpelotours. They were able to organize my entire trip for a fair price. I had someone picking me up at the airport in Cali that took me to my hotel, I enjoyed a really nice night in Cali. Next day they came to fetch me and we went to Buenaventura where I got on the live-aboard. Once there I had a comfortable and clean room and every meal was just delicious. It took us one entire day to get to the Island The diving it was the best of my life: 6 kinds of sharks (silky, hammerhead, galapagos, whale shark, white tips and monster shark) Also Mantas, groupers, eagle rays and thousands of jacks and tunas. It was also really cool to enjoy the snacks suring the surface interval while we were amazed by the landscape. Its a life time experience, I would def recommend and Im planning to go myself pretty soon again.
    Aline Neiva de Oliveira
  • Malpelo Tours gave me excellent service and the best price for one of the most amazing destinations! I went with Ricardo León for the first time in 2014 and I got hooked up with the Island. Now I am part of the team as an underwater videographer and photographer.
    Maxim Iskander
  • Malpelo is a diving Paradise! Depends of the season you can see: whale sharks, Galapagos sharks, Hammerhead Shark, White tip Shark, Schools of Barracudas, Jacks and many more. A dream destination! I went twice and I will be back no matter when.

    Marco Larue

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